Tips for Landlords

Tip 1: Always have an application form that requests details of last 3 years residences, contains date of birth, national Insurance number and next of kin details.

Tip 2: Require a copy of a Driving licence, passport or other proof of identity

Tip 3: Always use a tenant credit referencing service.

Tip 4: Ask for sight of the last 3 or 6 months Bank statements.

Tip 5: Beware of people in a rush, or “living with their parents”. Often they become a problem.

Tip 6: Try to make an unexpected Home visit – that way you may see how they look after a property and confirm they actually live there.

Tip 7: Advise them to take out Insurance to cover their and your belongings.

Tip 8: Serve a S21 notice at the start of the tenancy. That is the day they move in. They will usually sign a copy of the notice at that time, providing the evidence you need to prove the notice has been served. This should be done AFTER the deposit has been lodged in a scheme.

Tip 9: Think about taking 6 weeks deposit to avoid the scenario where they do not pay the last month rent, and there is still damage when they leave.

Tip 10: Make sure you have Insurance in place that covers “Injury to people residing in or visiting the premises”.


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